Has Obama completely forgotten about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?

It seems as if he has completely forgotten that his oil catastrophe is still ongoing. Why has he stopped caring about the environment?…


Why should the next 50 days of the spill be any different than the first?

Watch what hes been doing:

Vacations, golf, meeting sports teams



did you forget its BP fault.


No. I saw him on tv talking about it just yesterday.


How could he? He has a TV I'm sure.

What is he supposed to do, he has been to the Gulf, he has talked to many people involved (but apparently not to the head of BP), he can't clean it up all by himself. And he is President of the US, not just of the oil spill.

I'm not defending everything he has done or not done, but what, and I mean in a constructive, not a sarcastic way (OK, sarcastic way, too), what is he supposed to do or know that the oil 'experts' don't know or can't do?


Anything's possible, but this one's highly unlikely.