Should lybia punish its bad apples?

In America we had an issue. Dumb kids at Kent state in Ohio tried to protest the war, They threw rocks at our military, burned american flags, praised the enemy and started a bunch of crap over things they knew nothing about(This is why i cant stand people that try to shake my hand and talk to me when i wear my uniform in public).. This is pretty much what is happening in lybia right now, People are acting nutty, The lybian military has to calm them down.. Why do American people feel the need to always talk about things they dont know about?


Go live under a evil muslim dictator for 40 years and then cone back and see how you feel about it. This guy has been nothing but trouble after taking the country by FORCE 4 decades ago. So no they should just withdraw instead of killing their own people.

I do agree the kids got out of hand at Kent St. My uncle was there protesting and it got REALLY CRAZY so he left only 2 days before the killing of the students.


It's already Happening. Most of the Country's current "Leaders"- will be Dead, -shortly . :)


They were not dumb. They were dissenting voices of protest against an unnecessary military intervention in Vietnam which killed 50,000 U.S. kids and ended up with no change, like Iraq. The national guard killed 4 students at Kent State for protesting. Is that the American way?

The bad apples in Lybia are the government.


Look at Madison, Wisconsin.

Now, picture no food, no jobs, complete government control of your lives. Picture no freedoms of any kind.

If liberals are mad now, imagine how made they will be when America runs out of money. They still think you can just print as much money as you want.

What would Obama do under the same circumstances as Lybia?


The Libyans are ruled by a dictator who pays no respect for human rights and oppresses his people. The Libyans are revolting to get their rights and a better future, and Gaddafi using violence against them is an appalling attempt to stay in power. It is very different from any protests in the USA, since all Americans have fundamental human rights and live in a relatively peaceful and democratic country. The Libyan's are fighting for what every American has, so we should all support them and their struggle.


you sound like an arrogant jerk

people who join the army do so because they kinda wanna go kill people - if that's your natural instinct then it's the best place for you out of the country getting shot at and not in our bars and clubs spoiling for a fight…