Is Glenn Beck partially crazy, or full throttle crazy?

Is Glenn Beck partially crazy, or full throttle crazy?


Beck is either one of two things...either he's a 'true believer', or he's a paid pimp for the GOP/Teabag/Fox 'News' Axis. Either way he's not helping the situation. We 'know' things either through 'information', or experience. If your goal is to report objective reality via 'information' you have to go the original documentation. If you're telling your listeners about the Great Depression and FDR's role you have to go through several years of old newspapers from all over the United States at the time, government archives, first person accounts and financial reports. Then you have to painstakingly establish some kind of graph that tracks money spent, the results and the final outcome. After that you have to be 'peer reviewed' for errors, false assumptions and unresolved conflicting data. If you want to spread propaganda you can, as Beck has done simply call FDR a 'socialist' and deny that ANY of the New Deal policies '...did any good and only the start of WW2....which FDR allowed to happen according to Beck and a host of other right wing commentators....ended the depression. Beck then marries 'the left' of the 1930's to 'the far left liberals'....a nonexistent made up 'inside enemy' given that the current Democrat Party is politically about where the Eisenhower Republicans used to be before they were purged from the GOP. Beck then goes on to rave about all of this ancient history is a part of a long term plot to communize the United States. Never mind that since the 1930's 95% of the wealth of the world has landed up owned and operated by a handful of trans national corporations. Them commies must not be very good at conspiring if the outcome has only created a world safe for corporate capitalism. If Beck believes what he says he believes he's not much of an historian. If he knows better and is pulling a 'Lonesome Rhodes' to make a damned good living as a political pimp, then he's not much of a human being. Is he crazy in a clinical sense? No, but either he believes in reactionary fairy tales with all his heart and soul, or he's a moral zero. Of course if he doesn't know right from wrong that would make him clinically unhinged wouldn't it? All I know is that it must suck to be him.


Can't he be both?


I dont know, but I only watch his show because I think hes hot lol


full throttle, baby. he's own crazy mother******.


Glenn Beck is amazing, For someone in the spotlight to actually speak his/her mind or the truth is outstanding.. We need more people like him. No he is not crazy, He's great!


Beck on FOX in front of a Nazi flag telling viewers to shoot Democrats in the head…