Very controversial question?

do you think that the seal team that killed bin laden should be prosecuted for shooting him while he was unarmed and whats the reason why or why not


no, they shouldn't be prosecuted. they carried out their orders. bin laden had the blood of so many people on his hands. not in a war, but in sneaky attacks. they are men of honor also a canine of honor. God bless them.


Are you on medication?


I think they should get the highest honor possible. The people were unarmed at the World Trade Center and he didn't care. When someone is a scumbag the rules don't apply to them.


a man who kept on prosecuting every damn human right on earth ...kept on sabotaging us where eva he can we even think of applyin the clauses of human rights on such a inhuman please quit the idea...and the seal team did a favor by killing him...else who knows his next setup wud have blown either me or u..or our rest earthlings....