Did you know there is another oil rig?

leaking oil into the Gulf? And it's been leaking since April? Why isn't this being reported by the media? And acknowledged by the White House?


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No I didn't it does not surprise me though, thanks for posting this


You have heard about it and so have I so it is being reported. It was not make into big deal because when reporters tracked down the story the found that

" this rig, the Ocean Saratoga, is working to plug a well that was damaged by Hurricane Ivan back in 2004. The well was reportedly covered by a seafloor landslide, so this is a difficult operation."…


Ah, the unacknowledged bastard oil rig! A living, breathing result of one night of misguided passion! Well, you can't blame the White House. It's only thinking of Mrs. White House.


I didn't. I know there was one in Alaska couple weeks back, dear Sarah's back yard. Funny not a peep out of her.


Soooooo? How much? A teaspoon a day? A barrel? And BTW most offshore wells leak a small amount. Not only that but there are natural seeps that leak oil into the ocean. Those would be there even if the weren't any offshore wells and there are about 3500 of those. 3500 wells and rigs and wells and for the last 9 years not one spill. With a record like that how could anyone imagine that there was a problem with the way things were being done. In the end it just may be that no one knowingly did anything wrong and all this finger pointing is just a waste of time.


Yes, it's called Obama Katrina 2.

It has not been reported because the media won't allow Obama to have two oil disasters on his hands at once, unless one or both can be squarely blamed on Bush.


That was an initial report and investigations took place. The most recent statement is saying now that the Ocean Saratoga rig is not leaking.…

There's always leaks taking place. We just really track them unless a major disaster occurs:…


As long as the Democrats are in charge, we are doomed.