Can more than 1 person be sued for a wrong,if the real wrong doer is not known?

If i am sitting in my house lawn, and i have neighbours at my all sides, and suddenly a stone came from undeterminable direction and injured me than can i sue all my near neighbours for this.


Since you can'r provide any evidence to who it was, good luck with that. You have to show proof they did it, they don't have to prove their innocence.


well technically you can sue someone for anything you want, that doesnt mean theyl be proven guilty

and what a retarded thing to sue for... prick


Its hard to believe that someone was struck by a stone and had no idea what direction in came from. What did it hit you on the top of the head and just rest perfectly?

If you can't prove it, you have nothing.


I doubt you were injured seriously enough to sue. But if you want to go to all the expense to try and prove your case, go for it.


You can basically sue anyone you want. But you have to prove that they caused damage, not that it could have been them.


Yes, you can sue all possible offenders. At trial, the finder of fact (Jury or Judge) will determine who is really at fault.


you can try.