I want to join the marines but i have a question?

I've always wanted to join the marines and recently i got accepted to the University of Oklahoma and it has a pretty substantial price tag. I know that joining the marines will help pay for that but i dont want to miss any school time at all during my time at OU. Will the marines let me enlist and become active after i finish my tenure at OU while they pay for some of my tuition. Or if i enlist do i have ready to miss school time and be called to active duty while still attending OU


There are two tracks to becoming a Marine and I've looked at both of them and chose the best one in my circumstances. If you want to get a college education and be a Marine, you should try taking a look at the PLC (Platoon Leaders' Class) to become a Marine Officer. It's the highest rated basic training course in the US Military today. (Those other branches that don't believe me just google PLC it's won countless awards) When you join the PLC program you are eligible for tuition assistance through the United States Marine Corps Tuition Assistance Program. You can receive so much off your tuition, and an extra $200 a month for everyday expenses. Depending on your class standing, if you're a sophomore you will go down to Quantico Virginia for 2 summer sessions of 6 weeks. Once your sophomore year and once your Junior year. Or you can wait until you are a Junior, and go down for one 10 week session. Upon graduation from PLC you will be offered a Commission as a 2nd Lt. in the United States Marine Corps. A 2nd Lt. Makes about 38,000/yr, keep that in mind.

The Enlisted route: You could choose this path, however it is much more difficult on your college education. You would take an entire summer to go down to Parris Island, SC or Camp Pendleton, CA depending on where you live to complete a 13 week boot camp. Upon graduation you will receive the title of "Marine" and since you would be in college, you would be put into a reserve unit somewhere in your area. You would obtain the rank of E-1 or private or E-2 depending on how much college credit you have. As an E-1 you would make about 19,000 - 20,000 a year. You could go to officer candidate school as an enlisted Marine, but you record must be exemplary and you must be at least E-3 to even be considered.

The difference between the two: With PLC you can never be called-up or deployed until you finish TBS or the officer's finishing school after you graduate from college. With being enlisted, if your reserve unit is called up to be deployed at any time, guess who's taking a semster or two off? You!

Sure all these other "pogues" will say: "Join the Army ROTC they pay for everything! or Join the Air Force they pay it all!"

The PLC is the most demanding basic training you'll ever experience in the US Armed Forces. In my experience, the Army said "Oh George, we will pay for this and this, and you'll be fine"

The Air Force said, "George, you can have any thing you want and we'll just pay it."

The Marines said: "George, do you have what it takes?"

Also, the Marines are the ONLY branch that guarantee aviation.

You should do your research, if you want to enlist, that's fine, just know that its a much more difficult path.


George has a very good answer. Go with his.


I'm not sure about the Marines but the Army ROTC scholarship might interest you. visit Once you graduate and complete the 4 years of ROTC class you will be commissioned as an officer and enter the Army with alot more pay and responsibility as well as a college degree in whatever subject you chose. I believe the average requirement for them paying your way is a 4 year stint in the Army immediately afterwards. I'm sure the Marines have a program that is very similar.


See if there is an ROTC detachment at OU.Speak with an active duty recruiter about delayed entry.


I think your looking for the marines reserves? and also why marines? look at army, navy, airforce, national guard see if they have any jobs that can offer what your looking for


The military is not a social program, you will be expected to perform.