Americans, When are you going to get rid of Obama?

Barry Sottero (Barrack Obama) has took you all for fools with his socialist ways.

Barry is the most incompetent President you've ever had and that takes some beating after G. W. Bush. Junior.

The recent Oil spill has clearly shown how weak and spineless he is after blaming Britain for it, BP is not even owned by the British anymore. The sub-contracted company who's rig burst was American.

I heard he won't last longer than two terms at most, What do you think?

P.S ( England is going to wipe the floor with your Football team today. Not Soccer! England was playing Football before the USA even existed as a country! I suppose you don't care about that though because you can carry on playing your pointless sports like American Football, Baseball, Basket Ball which no other country plays. LOL!


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Well, after last night's disgraceful display against the USA I'd be inclined to sack Robert Green the England soccer goalkeeper. However, on the subject of Obama I'd reckon he's done more damage for the international image of the USA than the nation can afford. He's certainly misjudged the BP situation, a company which is, in name only, British. It's an internationally owned monolith and seems to me to be the main sourse of the much cheaper gasoline the American public have access to compared with the rest of the world. There is no way Obama will resign. There is no way, yet, the politicians of 'The Hill' can thrown together a viable collections of reasons to impeach the guy. So, regretfully it would seem America and the rest of the world are stuck with him for some time yet.


I don't like what Obama has done, although Presidents are puppets and he's doing his work for the bright and shiny NWO. What I don't get is the disrespect he showed to England. Now that did surprise me. For what it's worth and I hope it doesn't undermine your cordial good will to a Yank like me but I have no use for the British govt just as I have no use for my own govt, however, I have the utmost respect for the intelligence, wit, literary traditions and exemplary stage acting of your fine country. In the respects that matter most, I humbly tip my cup (of good will & cheer) to the Brits! In those essential areas, I have to admit you are our elders and betters, just try not to let it go to your heads!


After we made Tony Blair our personal ***** .... You ask this? That's a good one, limey... A bad leader over her is better than the spineless fools vote in... Aren't you over Shari'a law now? Oh.. One question. . Why do you lack the creativity to make your own games like the States? Jesus.. I used to love England until you became such jealous bitches... You make the French look masculine now...oh... And your appeasement of Hitler. .. until the very, did the American propaganda machine make that up as well? Read a damn book...... besides Harry Potter. Because RACISM... does NOT apply to nations.. it applys to race, you pasty imbeciles.. Stop saying Obama is racist.. by the way.... **** JOHN TERRY.


I would just like to apologise for the apparent American bashing sentiment present in my countryman's above question. I presume the sports reference is meant in jest.. I too sometimes joke about the 'foot' ball thing, but I really like America. We are brothers.

I see a lot of great attributes in your current president although his anti Britishness is at best daft and at worst racist.


The British Commonwealth made up well over half the troops on D day! We never run away. Hollywood have distorted the American public's view of US and British involvement.

For example did you know that the part time US propaganda machine; 'Hollywood' make war films about brave things done in real life by the British! - but they change facts so they put in American troops and pretend the US did the daring deeds. Last example was "U-571" with Bon Jovi as US captain. (But in real life it was us Brits again). :) Never underestimate Britain Jerry.


In my opinion BP, haliburton, transocean and inspectors from the OSHA are both to blame for different aspects of what went wrong. It's right that they should be held responsible for the damage.

The UK has nothing to do with what happened and neither does the world cup. This shouldn't be made into a dispute between the US and UK.

I think Obama is wrong to over-emphasise BPs British origins as it is now a multinational company. In general I've got nothing against Obama and I think it's immature of the asker to call him a socialist and imply he isn't American.


The company that was handling the BP facility when the fiasco happened was the Cheney operator, Halliburton, and they started under the limited regulations that were imposed by those pretenders.

I am convinced that some of the news stories which try to blame Britain are trying to divert flack away from the fact that Obama should have had his people review the stripped down Bush regulations and monitoring of this operation and someone dropped the ball. BP has the worst reputation of all oil companies for errors and pollution.

Right before this happened Obama was pushing for more drilling off our east coast. Evidently he does not do research when he opens his mouth or commits our tax dollars to projects. Next, he will be trying to advance nuclear energy when there is no way to safely guarantee storage of the waste, and which is a disaster waiting to happen. The more years that pass using nuclear, the more threat of the waste getting free of storage which will be a disaster way beyond what is happening in the gulf.

Part of the problem with those pirates off Somolia is that their livelihood was fishing and the French stored their nuclear waste in drums off the coast which now have developed small leaks, poisoning the fish and causing birth defects in the people of Somolia. Now they no longer fish but are pirates.

We don't need polluting energy sources. We should support clean energy - and at least promote its use everywhere possible before even considering polluting energy. Wind, tide, solar, geothermal - there are sources that can be used in every location in the U.S.

Obama has always caved to the interests of big business. That is why he gives lip service to alternate energy but does not invest enough in exploring it and promoting its use. Many alternate sources can be installed and used right at the home front and would eliminate much of the large centralized energy conglomerates and the homeowner would not have to pay them so much per month for energy. That is a lot of money lost by these large multinationals and you can bet they are bribing every politician they can to steer clear of alternate energy sources.




Not everything is as it seems. On the face he appears to lack the ability of leadership, but beneath the surface, there is a carefully calculated agenda that will unfold with a questionable outcome.

There have been a few accomplishments, but nothing is given by this administration without a cost that will be extracted later. His actions have been assessed by some as the acts of an inept leader, but much of the legislation passed in the last 18 months, although moderate on the face, contain wording and amendments increasing the power of the executive branch. Congress has granted this administration unprecedented power hidden in much of the legislation passed. He has invested much of his political capital in these measures and has only one piece left to complete his agenda which is cap and trade. If the power is exercised, there may be no getting rid of him.

Do not underestimate this president or his intent for the country, every move is carefully calculated for political gain and power with an ultimate goal in store.

As far as sports, there is no interest from this quarter. Totally boring.