Can Mexico talk about Human Rights?

Mexican President Felipe Calderon said that the USA is violating Mexicans human rights, and describes the situation as unacceptable, now is this a case of the pot calling the kettle black .


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Mexico may talk about human rights...but its record of human rights violations is worse than ours is.

Mexico, arguably the world's first cartelocracy (government by drug cartel), needs to fix their own problems *first* before trying to tell anyone else to fix what they see as problems.

They also need to quit allowing police and military personnel to act as guards for drug cartel deals. They also need to quit flying military helicopters over Texas cities. They also need to quit allowing politicians to take money from the cartels in exchange for the freedom to ship drugs, guns, and people into the United States.


The fact that the have their own problems in no way invalidates their complaints against the US.

One wrong does not make another wrong ok.


who the hell is a mexican president to tell us how we should manage our borders, they should clean up their own house before even trying to tell us what to do or not do, but they get away with such behavior because our President is a wuzz, a weakling with a baritone tone of voice


The greater crime is King Obama not defending the US! His silence means he is in agreement with this insulting statement from Mexico's representative!


lol yeah probably


They have no right to judge the way we treat someone who has broken the law to enter the USA. We haven't seen how human rights can be taken away untill the socialist liberals get their way. I don't think they have the smarts to realize what they are asking for.


Lets send him a few million of his own people back.


If Felipe Calderon talks and no one listens, does he make a sound?