What if a llama was the president? (:?

so i have to do a political party brochure for my class project with any spokes person (thing) i want.. so i chose the llama. (: so i need a little bit of help with thinking of some issues the llama would want to take care of..(like issues taken care of by real political parties.. ex. fighting crime, unions rights, education. ext) so anyone have any ideas? lol please nothing like "llamas wud want it to be free for them to spit".. more along the lines of cleaning up the planet (because llamas live in the wild and they benifit from having a green and healthy planet)


I'm sure it would be better at running the economy.

It would leave business and entrepreneurship alone because government always puts its hands everywhere.

It wouldn't have a problem with leaving people alone, as long as it gets its needs; food, water, the occasional walk (a bit like todays leaders).

It could have a nuclear deterrent, low taxes, for animal rights, and freedom to do what you want when you want. Leadership by example.