Am I REQUIRED to provide Social Security # on College Health Records?

My daughter will start college this fall. On her Mandatory Immunization/Health Record form, it asks for SS# and the 'checklist' further reminds you to include the SS#.

If memory serves, public schools and health care providers can't require you to supply SS#, unless you are seeking some service (govt' paid) that would require reporting. Is this correct?

I've had identity theft and only give my SS# when absolutely, legally necessary. I prefer to follow suit for my kids. Can the University refuse my daughter's entry if we withold her SS#?

Answers do NOT have to supply them with your social # or her's for that fact. Although they probably already have hers.

The only time you have to supply your social security number is when

You are dealing with a bank


Asking for credit.

Talking to a government office, such as social security or social services.

Do NOT give them your social security number. Tell them you have an individual policy against releasing this information. They may want to argue the point, don't give in. They don't even need it to file a claim on your health insurance. There are methods to file a claim without your social.

I too have been a victim of Identity theft. I NEVER give out my social..even to doctor offices. I often get into arguments over it, but in the end always win.

Good luck



Her, and your SSN is going to get out in the world. There is really very little you can do to stop it and I can guarantee that your daughter will give it out on a regular basis instead of going through the hassle of having places like this set up another number.

The better way to handle ID theft is to trust places, like this. And to keep an eye on your credit reports.


You're going to declare her college expenses on your taxes, so yes you do.