President Obama said he hopes to cut the national deficit in half by 2013?

Hypothetically speaking if it does happen do you think at the same rate if economic growth continues do you hope he leaves us with a national surplus in when he leaves office in Jan 2017


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I am a liberal democrat & my business is so busy I am just happy that so many people are spending money again. I see many liberals doing well while republican conservatives just complain & rot. So I don't even care what happens on the national level. I think the country has divided into the ignorant vs. the educated. The prosperous vs. the whiners. I think that Clinton left Bush with a surplus & when Bush was supposed to spend some of it to fix the bridges & levees. He robbed the money. So I think as individuals we have to understand true prosperity & how our energy works & I don't care what he leaves. If I am able to live where I want, eat what I want & when I want, do what I love, have work I love to do and I have joy, peace, harmony & all good in my life that is all that matters. I can teach anyone with an open (liberal) mind how to be prosperous & the hell with republicans. When Obama leaves office as long as another dem. moves in that will keep the energy circulating. They don't have to have something just for reps to steal & then deny.


If the nut job lets the Bush tax cuts expire and he gets his cap n trade it may be possible.But the economy would be in ruins manufacturing would stop an move over seas as there not as stupid as we seem to be with cap n trade.Just think about paying a extra 2 dollars a gallon for gas and of course everything else would rise from electricity to cereal.Any one who believes cap n trade will only cost 175.00 a year is not very market wise.When has the figures the government given us ever even close to what it ends up costing.


And me and Airman First Class "hope" to make Colonel before I retire...doesnt mean it'll happen tho...another empty promise...why did anyone vote for him again?


It could happen.

Bush claimed to have "halved" the deficit in 2004 when in fact he had just doubled it.

All politicians promise things they can't deliver on, despite good intentions.


yeah he hopes to reduce the deficit by creating an enormous healthcare government bureaucracy - I laughed when he said that - by passing a massive healthcare bill it would reduce the deficit. which has been proven to be a false statement by our CBO.

Anyone who believe that we are going to spend money in a govt. program will help the deficit is insane.

So to answer your question there will be no surplus and the deficit he is running up will somehow be blamed on someone else - most likely Bush - go figure.


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Would that be cutting in half HIS deficit of 1.4 trillion dollars, or the deficit he inherited of 450 billion dollars?

When he leaves office in January 2013, he will have added nearly 7 trillion dollars of new debt you'll have to pay for. Enjoy your Chinese bondage, Maybe one day you'll care about such things.

Your user name is so apt.


he leaves in 2012

and he says a lot of stuff

he is a polititian