Proof obama's policies are costing jobs?…

looks like 1,000 jobs lost directly because of obama's policies at a time when we need to add jobs

is this just the tip of the iceberg?


At&t laid off every independent contractor they had in Atlanta almost directly after the health care bill passed because of tax increases. I don't care if they believe me. I know it as a fact. I don''t know how many jobs they plowed across the country, but they got them here for sure.


So let me see how you feel about this scenario. I'm going to offer you a job making very good money. You're going to be able to buy whatever you want right now and be happy. However, we're going to kill some of your family members as a result. Would you take the job? The U.S. is committed to clean energy technology and if we were to accept this, it would just be another set back. There is no such thing as "clean coal." What is going to result from this is even more pollution in the atmosphere. It's eventually going to be bad enough that some people die from it. What would be a better idea is creating ideas for energy development in the United States. This would create not just 1,000 jobs, but probably many thousand jobs. I support the decision.


Perhaps you aren't aware that in 2008, Congress asked the Export-Import Bank to suspend $900 million worth of assistance to Reliance Industries, an Indian conglomerate that's helping supply Iran with gasoline. The letter also called on the bank to do a better job of ensuring that the projects it supports are not in conflict with US national interests.

In case you missed it, Reliance has been a major supplier of refined petroleum products to Iran, and has at times provided as much as 30 % of Iran's need for imported refined petroleum products.


Your reasoning doesn't make sense. 1,000 people is like a factory lol. So a factory shut down, omg!, tip of the iceberg! lol. So they refused to give out hundreds of millions of dollars to a company, and 1,000 people lost their jobs. Where do you think that money is coming from?

1,000 people (small factory)


hundreds of millions of dollars


here, your 1,000 for his 150,000. You guys can trade lol.

"Arnold Schwarzenegger, California's Republican governor, defended Democratic President Barack Obama's stimulus plan on Sunday, saying 150,000 new jobs were created in his state thanks to the legislation."…


"At&t laid off every independent contractor they had in Atlanta almost directly after the health care bill passed because of tax increases"

Post a source, or it didn't happen.

My entire city became millionaires. Yup, a million people became millionaires right after the health care bill passed. I don't care if you believe me, but it did happen, because I say so and I'm some kind of authoritative source.