Would the country be better off if the South won?

Would the country be better off if the South won?


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Yeah, so Obama could be working for me right at this moment.


the south would control the oil, but the north would control, the iron gold, coal, copper deposits,and with our alinement with France the north would blockade the entrance to the gulf of mexico, my great uncle fought for the north, his mothers brother fought for the south both in the missouri area


I have southern in-laws. So NO.


States rights would be in tact, and the Feds wouldn't be running our lives.


It'd have already had its revolution a long time ago. The south is pretty much a third world country


I can't imagine how it would be better if we allowed human beings to enslave other human beings. And considering how incompetent and ineffecient the south is today, that's a double no to your question.


Yes, the South would still be following principles this country was founded on and I'd be a proud citizen and wouldn't have to live by unevolved bigots like Basterson.

You don't know sh*t about the South, you Kangaroo-f*cking Commie Otto. What's your problem? What's wrong with your life, man, that you're always hanging out here with Americans pretending to know anything about our country.

I bet the neighborhood your parents raised you in is like a third world country because hateful idiots like you are usually raised by drunks and wife beaters.


The North would.

The south would belong to wealthy northern industrialists and the dirtbag rednecks like you would be our slaves!