About police reports... my car was set on fire when I was out of the country?

I am trying to file a claim for insurance.. and of course i need the police report since the car is ashes.

I just looked the the incident report from Counties Manukau Police in N.Z. All it says is that there was a car on fire.

Are they supposed to record all the details about the car?

I can't file a claim without a report that has the number plate/description of my car.

This is how it reads: CIRCUMSTANCES:

At approximately 4.30am on the 13th January 2008, HINDMARSH was woken by MINHINNICK when he walked into her unlocked house.

He said that he was looking for his ex-partner, who is HINDMARSH's best friend.

HINDMARSH was angry that he woke her and her young child and that he came inside uninvited so she yelled at him to get out.

About ten minutes after he left she noticed that a vehicle that was parked on her driveway was on fire.

When she went outside HINDMARSH discovered that a couch in an outside room was also burning.

The fire Service was called and the two fires were extinguished.


If this is your car, then ask for an extension to the report to be filed or additional information


Based only on what you posted, we don't know it was POSSIBLE to identify the car or the plates. After being on fire for an unknown amount of time, 'vehicle' may have been the best description available.