Was Ronald Reagan as tough as the right thinks?

And who has the nerve to tell the president to "speed it up!" (0:37)…

*Segment taken from Capitalism: A love Story.


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I don't know about "tough" but before he went completely senile he was certainly a cruel b*stard-it's the only possible explanation for him closing down all of the mental hospitals in CA, consigning the mentally ill to the streets or prisons. This happened when he was Governor, and assumedly he was compos mentis at the time.

Ronald Reagan only cared about rich conservatives.


Wow "proud teapartier", way to trivialize treason and simultaneously make a mockery of the First Amendment. Isn't there some more repressive nation you could move to that would be more to your liking? Syria perhaps?


Oh, and BTW...Ronnie had NOTHING whatsoever to do with the fall of the Soviet Union. That was due to their protracted and unwinnable war with Afghanistan-which now seems sickeningly familiar.


In my view he was tougher than what we have in office now.


He was somewhere between Clint Eastwood and Chuck Norris, I'd say.

Who *else* could have made the Soviet leftists throw in their cards, just by making it clear he was going to defend this country if it harelipped every Democrat Fellow Traveler who ever slimed their way out of a Jane Fonda rally?

And for those who would love to rewrite history and leave this accomplishment out... too bad for you, the ex-Soviets themselves admit it. Including their ex-Premier.

Oh, and to the person above... he gave the Air Traffic Controllers three days he didn't have to, to start obeying the law. Only the ones who didn't, lost their jobs. In other words, the ones who lost their jobs were all volunteers, so why should anyone else feel bad on their behalf? You quit your job, don't come crying to me about being unemployed. There is no right to strike against the public safety. Civil servants who feel they are underpaid, are entirely welcome to go get real jobs in the dog-eat-dog private sector. That goes double for Unionistas. It isn't 1925 any more, so unions are just featherbedding organizations.


Thanks for your question, I needed a laugh. You post a link to a Michael Moore clip, and then tell someone else, "thanks for your spin." That's hilarious.


Reagan hardly resembles the person the right has morphed him into.


The Russians thought so. He stood his ground with them and in the end his will was greater than theirs, thus ending the Cold War.

Now I ask you, could you EVER see Obama going toe to toe with anyone (other than the American taxpayer) and having the gonads to do whatever it took to defeat an enemy of the US? Be honest.

They Shoot Moose,

You obviously are in dire need of a US history lesson because it happened just as I said, not the way you've been spoonfed by your liberal brainwashers. And now that you bring it up, the showdown with the union was yet another example of the tough resolve Reagan had. It was an illegal strike. It was in their contracts that they couldn't strike. Do you understand the concept of legality?That you would side with the PATCO union over the good of the country tells us all we need to know about you and your flaming ignorance.


Don't watch U tube

Mr Reagan had to listen to the liberals in America and everyone over the pond mock him and tell him ''you can't shoot down a missile with a missile its crazy it's STAR WARS''

When he walked away from the old USSR in Iceland,and told them ''no deal'' the liberals in America and everyone over the pond called him a warmonger a shoot from the hip stupid American cowboy who was going to start WW3 they told him ''we are between you and them you can't defeat them you must co-exist with them''

Last year when they were celebrating the fall of the Berlin wall and acting has if they had something to do with it and never mentioning Mr Reagan i was so angry I wanted to blow them all up those lying cowardly SOB's

I come damn close to splitting a smug brits face open with a beer bottle who told me Mr Reagan had nothing to do with winning the cold war He had everything to do with it


unllike our current president,when Reagan said something,you could take his word to the bank...the communists and the world knew if he said he was doing something,it would come to pass...he destroyed communism in the eighties.."tear down this wall",and you know what ....they did...