How do we stop six year olds from becoming terrorists?…


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Teach them to NOT become conservatives.



Look in the real world.

Decode this lyrics " You'll see "

"Wonderful world"

"Don't know much"

"Time after time"

"The Great Commandments"

"Hey Jude"

"What's up"

"More than I can say"

"Welcome to my world"

"Wonderful wonderful"

"Wonderful life"


"World of our own"

"We are the champion"

"I started the joke"

"My way"

" 25 years"

"Above the law"

"Total eclipse of the heart"

"All the children"

"Working class hero"

"Mama Mia"

"Nobody told me"

"The lost children"



"Cold turkey"


"Stranded in the middle of now where"

"Lost in love"

"Love in the first degree"

"Eternal flame"

"Dying inside"

"All out of love"

"Candle in the wind"

"Night fever"

"Staying alive"

"Self control"

"Le freak"


"Dying young"

"What U give U get back"

"For what it's worth"

"Money for nothing"

"Guilty of the crime"

"Rhinestone cowboy"

"Think twice"

"It's a matter of time"


Who is whom?

Who is the Abraham who "Sacrifice" his only son?

Who is the Egyptian in ripping off all the first born child in time?

Who had been messing up human lives of someone else little children in time?

The parents?

The teachers?

The living like you and me?

The dead with hear-say only from the Book of the Dead that never was from someone else graveyards in time?

The men who would be king with crown of thorns in their royal robes striding and glaring with prides and prejudice in kicking the butts of God in not worshiping God in running God out of town in idol worshiping another past "Dirty old man" like you and me with self lack of knowledge and total loss of IQ back in the past like themselves with hear-say only from the Book of the Dead that never was from someone else graveyards in not giving them the Book of the Living in "Reincarnating" them all as the living dead of failures and horrors of the past in kicking them all back on the butts in time?

Luke 21.30-36

Luke 9.25,55-56,60

Luke 8.5-8,10-17

Luke 4.4

Luke 9.27

Exodus 20.5

Genesis 11.1,3-9

Revelation 16.14

Luke 22.3-6

Luke 16.13

Exodus 20.1-6

Luke 4.4-7

Matt 7.15-27

Matt 27.29,37

Revelation 17.1-18

Luke 24.44-45,47-48

Luke 11.33-36,46-52

Leviticus 4.13,22

Luke 5.36-39

Mark 4.2-20

Luke 12.51-53

Luke 14.26-35

Luke 6.39-40,41-45,46-49

John 7.19

Revelation 22.13-17

Matt 22.17-21,32

Luke 2.32

Luke 10.21-22

Luke 10.24

Matt 23.27

John 8.44

Exodus 12.14,21-27

Leviticus 26.13

Exodus 24.12

Exodus 19.5

Exodus 18.20

Exodus 20.1-18

Exodus 20.12

Leviticus 19.32

Luke 6.20-49

Revelation 21.1-7

Exodus 23.24,32

What do you think?


making it so we dont have as many 6 year olds to be afraid of. thats why we need more birth control because god has to many children.


Somebody needs to translate Barney and the Wiggles in to Arabic.


I say we send you to the taliban as part of a "friendship" delegation to find out.


We're together on this one. I cannot believe my tax money is going to keep six-year-olds off airplanes. Thank Janet "Reno Jr." Napolitano for this one. Someone gets on a plane with a bomb on Christmas day in Amsterdam, but they won't let a toddler on a plane in the U.S. Crazy.


get them to be terrorists at 5


Get rid of Homeland Security