Should i go to college or the military?

Hi im a high school student and i want to know should i go to college or the Marines. I don't have the money for college but i love to learn. But on the other hand i always wanted to be a Marine. Even when i was little i wanted to be a Marine. But i also i'm scared i can die. And i don't want some boring office job. And im my heart i always wanted to be a United Stated Marine.

Thank you so much.


Become a Marine and get your education while you are serving. Two birds with one stone. Best of luck


Look into a Navy ROTC scholarship. You can choose to go the Marine route and once you graduate you will become a Marine officer. Then you really can kill two birds with one stone, and your an officer.


You should join the Marine Corp reserves (work one weekend a month) and go to college. You'll get to do both.

If your afraid of dieing I wouldn't suggest joining the Marines at all. Your probable better of with the Air Force.


Not all the jobs in the Marines are either desk jobs or on the frontline. Also other branches of the military service have technical skilled areas. All branches have provisions for college and specialized training. You can always ask to get information before signing up. You might even compare what is offered. Joining the Marines or other branches is a contract for a length of service - choose wisely.


Your afraid to die.Well i have some advise for you go to college grow some balls and when you get a degree join as a officer


You can go to school if you really want to, there are a lot of ways to do it like student loans,

scholarships, student work programs. If after you graduate you still want to go into the service you can you are young enough you can have your cake and eat it to


Goto college because now is your best chance of bagging the hot 18 year old college girls. An opportunity you won't get while in the military and not likely to happen again. You could do the guard and to satisfy your military desire and still do college. Just don't go active duty because you will not be able to goto college unless you are Air Force. The Air Force isn't really military though.