From sit still and settle down to childhood obesity What went wrong here?

They have a commercial out that shows a kids face on a 45 year old body sitting in the doctors office on the examining table

The are urging children to be more active and talking about the associated health risks of sedentary lifestyles in later life for children

OK , -- uh fine but when I was a kid the efforts were all to keep us still

Sit down and stop fidgeting -- Settle yourself ---Kids at least when I was one were one pile of non stop energy playing games and running around for no apparent reason Girls played hop scotch boys started spontaneous games of British Bull dog

So what the hell happened in such a short period of time that parents and government officals are now urging children to be active when only a few short decades ago the goal of the adult was to get us to "settle" ?


Cable TV, the internet, fast foods.

They're now the babysitters and main menus.


You know I don't know. For those same few decades I saw nothing but commercials and ads about getting your kids away from the TV and outside to get some exercise even if it was only around the block. I can't recall one single ad urging parents to sit their kids down and make them sedentary. Exercise is all you know. Mayhaps you have different TV in Canada. Oh that's right Canada can censor its media can't it. You have a good day now


Can you play dodge ball at school now? How about flag football during recess? How about parents who really gave a damn about their kids?--BE HONEST--moms are working outside the home, if a kid wants to just sit--its ok with them, they are worn out too. Also, we didnt have to be concern about the freaks of today preying on children----not as safe playing outside as it was when we were kids. . Personally, death penalty for pedophiles should be incorporated---giving the kids the right to act like kids again


white folk put drugs into KFC 2 make black people more addicted 2 their chickenz so we get fat and cannot work and compete wif white folk


Video games, McDonald's, pop going from the bottle to 2 liters, hovering parents who fear their precious children will be abducted if they go outdoors.


Really we were active and suppose to be active. My mother usually refused to have a TV and was always throwing us outside.

We only went to the Dr. for stitches and broken bones.


Corporatism selling technology (ie laziness) to kids by brainwashing them with advertising


"How about flag football during recess?"

To the guy above me....I actually broke my arm doing this in the 5th grade. Not sure if I have a point. Just say...


The fear of strangers that swept the psyche of baby boomer moms and the advent of video gaming changed everything. I remember being out and about from sun up to sun down when I was a kid. They say we live in a dangerous world now or something.