Operators and their choice of camouflage pattern?

I've noticed that a lot of Australian and New Zealand special operations soldiers prefer to wear an American commercially available camoflage pattern called Multicam (by Crye Precision) when on operations in Afghanistan.

I'm not 100% sure but from other indicators I think I've also seem photos of guys who are British SAS and maybe Delta or CIA wearing this same pattern.

So the question is, why? I mean Army spend a lot of money developing can a private company come up with something that's better? Or is it just the quality of manufacture that is causing soldiers to choose Multicam over the pattens that are issued to them?


It's a better cammo pattern for that environment, plain and simple.

Issued uniforms are typically not of good quality. Look at the ACU, it had to be upgraded soon after it came out. Senators who have friends are the reason we have all of these uniforms. It's why the Navy got new PT gear, the black and tan uniform and the blue cammies. If the government provides us with the equipment, it's probably no good.

Edit: You will see operators mixing and matching uniforms to best fit the terrain. They do this with all equipment that they take to the field.


devin said it best. they choose what fits in best for were they are. they all have a cambat uniform that they were just around, but in theater they choose what fits best