Is this sexual assualt? Or what is this?

My brother luke (21) has just come back from kuwait again. And now before this which was a few months ago, he had a big party to celebrate for earning the title of a United States Marine. During the party I had just stepped out of the bathroom from taking a shower wearing only my bra and underwear and one of his other marine friends stepped in and started telling me explicit things like c'mon what are you waiting for? Or let's make out, after this he apologized n said that he din't know what he was doing and that he was drunk. He stopped for a,little while and began doung it again while he was "undrunk". He keeps staring at me in my bathing suit, he says that I have a nice body, he even wanted me to come over his house. Dis you know that? Anyways, I am only 11 and this is really, freaking me out, is this called sexual assualt? Or is this something else. He also tried driving me into the "corner" if you know what i'm talking about, should I tell my older brother about this? Because he even once told me that nobody messes with his little sister, should I tell him first, or just forget about him and call the cops right a way?


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Well. I'm Army and I love good Marine stories. But I have a hard time believing that Marines party with parents, at home, little 11yo sisters and a cake. That is so wrong on so many levels.


Go to your brother..I'll bet you 100 bucks he will get it fixed and straightened out for you in about 2 seconds and you will never hear from him again.

Being drunk doesn't matter. He should know better. You are 11 and if he does try to do anything you are a minor and that's a serious case especially when I know for fact he is over the age of 18.

You need to also tell your parents about it.


Hun, If you are still freaked out about it all and don't know what to do with the advice given you can email me if you would like

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Tell your brother! This guy is a creep!


Tell your parents.


Wow where are your parents its wrong to leave an 11 year old at an alcoholic party tell your parents what happened as for legally im not sure if this is sexual assault or not but you need to tell your parents


No this is not sexual assault. It is only sexual assault if he inappropriately touches you. I think you should tell your brother cause you don't not want this situation to progress.


Tell your parents, and also it would be very wise of you to not take a shower when its a house full of men and come out wearing your bra and panties.


Boy o boy, for eleven you sure are advanced in the area of readin and writin. I think you are full of beans. This isn't an eleven year old who wrote this, and I fail to see what the purpose was. Care to elaborate ?