Question for liberals about black republicans?

i have a friend that is a customer where i work and we talk about politics every day,

and i have known him for years . and today when i was talking about a black conservative i saw on a news channel he said to me that guy has to have a problem in his head if he is black and a republican . do liberals agree or disagree with what he said . just because he is black and a republican that their has to be something wrong with him ?..

he cant be a man with a different view?


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Liberals believe that they own the black vote. That's why the always act shocked when they hear about a black conservative and attempt to excoriate the individual.


He should listen to Congressman Allen West! I'm sure your friend would loose any debate with West!


yes the republicans want to suppress minorities so he is voting for people who hate him


I don't know,

but I think it started in 1860s,

I think it has something to do with the Civil War


i think all republicans have to have a problem in their head

so yes


MLK was a republican


No black republicans in congress speaks for itself.


I'm a liberal, and your friend is completely off-base. It's offensive of him to presume that all black people would think alike.