How Can We Wipe Out The Drug Cartels?

If somebody gets arrested with a little dope people say that is success. What about the big time drug dealers? How do we get rid of them? Everybody knows if you shut down one drug dealer then another one pops out. What is your opinion on this? How do we win the War on Drugs?


Execute the drug addicts. No customers, no dealers.


everyone should stay out of that one TELL GOD NOT TO CREATE IT THEN...


Get somebody other than the Mexicans to go after them.


You want to win the war?


Takes the bottom out of the market completely. The "criminal element" will no longer have a product to sell, because it's not illegal to have!


Those people caught with a little dope are the reason there are drug cartels. People need to stop using drugs, then, voila, no more drug cartels. That may seem unreasonable to you, but when I was young, nobody used drugs.