I'm 15 and I like politics. Is that bad?

People tell me I shouldn't pay attention to that stuff but I really like it. Isn't being a teen about doing what you love? If I love politics, why shouldn't I follow it?


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Absolutely NOT! There needs to be MORE people your age that care about politics. You're going to be voting in 3 years or so - it's important that you be informed when the time comes. Most teens are more interested in XBox and texting and crap like that.

Unfortunately, you're not likely to learn much about politics on THIS site; there's an awful lot of trolls and phonies that log on here.

At any rate, keep it up - there's hope for youth yet.


yes it will warp you brain


Why would that be bad?


as long as you're leaning towards democrat

it's fine


Do what you love; love what you do!


No. More young people need to understand what is going on in the world instead of texting their friends.


No, why would it be? Don't hamper down who you really are.

At 15 I certainly was not interested in politics. Good for you.


It's good to pay attention. But guaranteed, you're not going to "like" it. Not one bit of it.