How are Sanctuary cities possible in America?

I know they are to protect illegals.

But I am an American Citizen..if they have that right and they are illegal as an American citizen should i have the right to commit any other crime and go to these cities?

Because these illegals are committing a crime and breaking the law by being here..So I should be afforded the same right. and since I cant break the law by being here..I should be able to break one other law..everyday, day in and day out...just like them..

What do you think?


All crimes are not equal, as can be easily noted in the legal code of any state.

This is an absolutist argument that denies that laws can be applied unevenly, sometimes in biased and unfair ways, sometimes in ways that expands and redefines social standards.


great idea


These cities should receive no federal or state help and should be sued


So how do you think cities are protecting illegals?

This is nothing but a right-wing conspiracy theory aimed at denouncing further anything they percieve is liberal influenced.


Why don't you ask all the rich republican business owners that love cheap labor. The reason these people get away with breaking the law is because rich business men and corrupt politicians want cheap labor.