Does Obama sound like "he has a dream ...."?

Does Obama sound like "he has a dream ...."?


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He's the king of Babble-On. I can't take any more, I just turned off the radio.


more like a nightmare


Maybe, but his dream is my nightmare.


No, he could never have the standards of Martin Luther King.


Sure, can you name one person in the world that doesn't have a dream?


No worries . Tomorrow we are going to drive his DREAM bus into Gridlock brick wall!


He seemed very flat tonight.... And didn't say anything we haven't heard him say before.

I am not a big fan of his politics, but I usually enjoy his speeches.


When working in the largest US bank, a highly successful rich class SVP advised me, "Listen to the words, not the tone."

While I don't worship US rich class, you might.