What should I do about my neighbor?

My neighbor below me is a big black guy 5'10 195lbs and i'm 6'0 155. He claims he is tough and has been making very threatful comments toward me. I dont know if i should just suck it up and hit him or not because he gets in my face alot. I'm a pretty good fighter and he is pushing my limits. Please help,


I find that when I have a barbeque in my backyard and burn a 6' vertical pole with a 4' horizantal pole across it that the neighbors generally leave me alone.

-he might get the message. if not, use your plan since that's the only way to usually get through to his kind.


Go look up 'maturity' in the dictionary, and then go buy you some.

- Stuart


Call the cops next time he threatens you. I'd rather look like a wimp than get thrown in jail for fighting.


Separate yourself from the situation. Call the cops if he threatens you. Move out when your lease is up.


ignore him and n if he hits don't hit back so like that's you could call the police n he would get arrested not you n if u hit him then your going to get arrested