Why do you Liberals support that clown Jon Stewert?

JON STEWERT is an overpaid Zio..nist clown that should be deported out of America.

He is just another class clown that would had ended up flipping burgers, but he makes money by reading jokes written by other people. He is a coward and the clown is another uneducated primate.


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because this is where they get their news

oh wait omg

i bet right now so many libs are feeling a tingle up and down their leg

obama is about to speak..


They are all animals.


They like his schtick.


What's really amazing is that people think his news show is really news. That's scary!


Like the Enquirer he is right a lot of the time.


He's a comedian that you take far too seriously..


why do conservatives support that clown glenn beck?


Because he's so good at proving how hypocritical you losers are? Seems like he's touched your nerve, heh, heh.