Are you in favor of mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients?

There is a law that republicans are trying to pass in KY to make passing a drug test mandatory to recieve welfare benefits.

I'm a liberal democrat and I support this. To my mind, applying for any type of financial assistance from the state is asking for a handout because you are unable to support your needs with income from work or other sources. I understand that not everyone is able to find employment and earn an income that provides for their needs, but a positive test for illegal drugs can be used by an employer to prevent you from being hired, so why shouldn't the source of income you seek in place of or to supplement earnings be allowed to make the same call?

I've posted a link to an article that includes some Democrat's opposing opinion. The only valid point that I will concede to in his argument is that legislators and government employees should also be held to the same standard as the employees of private industry. Fail a drug test and lose your job. As far as how to pay for the testing, the savings generated by not providing benefits to those not trying their hardest to support themselves will pay for that with money left over.…


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Absolutely! Every single executive in working in any corporation, business, or farm in this country that receives any kind of subsidy, contract, or tax break should have to pass a thorough drug test before they get a penny of taxpayer money.

Corporate welfare would end in five minutes!


I it


Yes and all those running the country.


hell yeah, nothing wrong wit that.


wit it but alot of people will starve




I could live with that.