Can anyone answer for dis question.?

(a)Ali carried on business as an electrician. He saw an advert in a local newspaper which stated

"5 year old van for sale. £5000. Phone Mo on 0779546."

On Saturday, Ali telephoned Mo that he would pay £4500. Mo replied that he would accept £4800, but that he wanted an answer within three days. On Sunday, Ali left a message on Mo's answerphone agreeing to pay £4800 but Mo did not listen to the message until Thursday. When Ali telephoned Mo to find out when he could collect the van, Mo informed Ali that he had sold the van to someone else.

Advise Ali as to whether he has a successful legal claim against Mo ?


The issue on this matter is the communication of the acceptance. Given the method was a message left on a ansaphone which could be heard at any time the communication was uncertain and therefore there was no binding contract. It would have been different had he communicated it verbally person to person or by letter.


There doesn't seem to have been any formal contract here, so i guess it's just Ali's tough luck.