Should parents be taxed for their kids bad grades?

I'm in college and I'm getting federal money but if I drop or don't pass the class they will cut off the funds and I might have to pay it back. Should this logic be applied to all levels of education?


good idea but it would be even easier if the schools went back to "failing" kids. Nothing is a better motivator then being afraid of having to repeat a grade.


cut the governors wages in half , now


Parents need to work harder so they can afford a tutor for their kids.



I prefer a reward system to a punishment system.

We should be encouraging kids to learn, not driving their parents into bankruptcy.


You are not required to go to college. You are required to go to elementary school.

There is a difference, but since you are a Marxist i see it is above your pay grade


No. Those are totally different things. You can't, for example, tax special needs students differently because of their disability. This would also put a ton of pressure on teachers to grade more leniently, and parents would push for softer teachers. Plus, education for those under 18, in my state, is required by law. Your college attendance is optional.