Anyone else watch those commercials of poor kids overseas and think?

wow, maybe those parents should have gotten the government issued condoms and not had all these kids they cannot afford.


Yep, their problems are of their own making, which means they have to power to fix them, but it's oh so much easier to blame others or do commercials. When all this started in Egypt, I did some checking, part of what they're complaining about is unemployment, poverty and whatever else, well what I found was that Egypt's population grows by approximately 1.5 million people a year, buy that number goes up every year because there are 1.5 million more people having babies every year, that comes out to around 4,100 more people every day, that's 4,100 new jobs needed, every day!, 4,100 new mouths to feed, every day!, and I don't know if anybody over there noticed but they live in a frigging desert, what kind of hope do they have for agricultural expansion do they have, that's also 4,100 new people every day!, that needs housing, medical care, produces waste, etc., etc., etc.. Someone seriously needs to grab these people by the ears and give them the complete unvarnished facts, and let them know that maybe a large part of their problem is the guy in the mirror. Musharraf was a bad guy and needed to go but there's a whole lot that's not getting said here and desperately needs to.