Intelligence specialist (Navy) or Intelligence Analyst (Army)?

I am stuck between these two jobs, i know i wont know for sure that I will get these jobs until i see a classifier at MEPS. But, I just want to know which one is better. What exactly do these jobs entail. My recruiters just say that these jobs are sitting in an office looking at maps, the navy said i will most likely be on a Carrier or with a SEALs Support Unit. The Army said i would be with an infantry unit on the field. Which one is better to you, and If you know anything about these MOS/Ratings would you please tell me which one handles what kind of information (in general, no specifics of course) each handles (like, in the navy, will i handle information about enemy ships or will i handle worldwide information about movements, or in the army will i handle counter terrorism information?) Which one would you pick and why.

PS I hear the navy handles more general intelligence like the airforce and helps out the Marines. is this true?


If you go into intellegence there is no telling what type of information you will deal with...after all they don't really talk about it...and you won't be able to come back and tell us.

Basically you have to decide if you like Naval or Land warfare. Of course you will be more likely to go on a ship in the Navy, but not always. You may be at a shore facility and do stuff behind the sceens...or you could go on a submarine, aviation, or many other types of duty.

I was a Navy Corpsman and had many different types of duty and went to a lot of places around the world. I loved it. I like being near water, and don't get sea sick. I would rather sleep in a warm bed on a ship than in a tent....even though the bed in the Navy is three high and you can't sit up in least it is warm and dry.

The Army marches too much for my tastes, and goes into the field too often. (I guess it is cool if you like camping and outdoor stuff) It is not really camping, but you are out there...and the Navy is not an Ocean cruise, but you are out there.

I would pick the Navy only because I was in the Navy and like it as a service...


Navy gets treated better and paid better. There requirements are more strict. And the Marines are a division of the Navy so I guess it would be true they "help them out". It really depends on if you dont mind sea duty.

In my personal opinion the Navy is a better choice


i see your from france, but with all due repect, and being a nam vet 69-70, your in a world of hurt anyway you look at it, am guessing you dont know what the letter GI means, well it means government issue, and that all you are , something for the gov to use what ever way they want , its rather simple, and if you beleice anything the gov says , you are a mindless drone that goes with the herd.