Why do we still have union's in 2011?

Gas is going over the roof and we have union protesting for more benefits and $$$$$$$, get to the streets with my Tax $$$$$ and start protesting thees ridiculous gas prices in NY State,


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As the 21st century dawned I thought that these relics from the Industrial Revolution would have become obsolete. It is as if the federal government's regulations on employment and safety aren't good enough for them, but are sufficient for the rest of us. For those of us who remain unemployed, it is galling to see these so-called college educated professionals behaving in such an indecorous manner, railing against other Americans, screaming for more when many of us barely have enough.


Without unions we'd all be working for $2.00 and hour.


Sounds like you don't only want labor for free but gas...



Why do we still have republicants?


there are people who still don't believe in individual achievement. they only believe in entitlement


because otherwise employers would screw workers even more for the almighty dollar. America's god


The democrats need to raise funds and have a mobilized force of volunteers for their campaign.



An attempt to stifle the free market and bring about socialism, or in GM's case, communism (the union owns the factory).