Should Marijuana Be Decriminalized, or Legalized?

Okay, before anyone answers, please, make sure you've done research. Don't answer if you say, "oh no! pot CANT BE LEGAL! ITS BAD!" or "It's a gateway drug!" Whoever thinks this has not gotten any facts and have based their info on false perceptions, propaganda, and their own misplaced beliefs. Please, no ignorant answers! It's movement that your comments won't stop. The future of marijuana legalization or decriminalization is inevitable.

With that said, if cannabis is to be accepted, I think it should be legalized. With decriminalization, you get the worst of both worlds. Your saying that pot isn't a big deal, but you leaving the market in the hands of drug cartels, people still die in mexico and dealers still get rich. In my opinion, we should end the underground market, keep pot out of the hands of kids, and bring in a system of regulation and taxation (Don't complain about taxes, it'll still be cheaper then what it is now from dealers).


People still die in Mexico? People still die HERE.

Decriminalization will make everyones lives easier. The usual arguments (people will show up high to work, kids will use it) is exactly what people would be saying about cigarettes or alcohol if they were illegal. Sure, there will always be an idiot who does these things. I've *worked* with people who show up to work drunk. They're the vast minority of people and no reason to make it illegal. I figure the only people who would 'abuse' pot if it become legal are the people who already drive/work/do illegal **** while high. There would be a lot loss people in pain and going broke from pain meds too.


yes..and we could tax the F*** out of it...

it'd sooo help the economy


I feel marijuana should definitely be decriminalized. If it were to be legalized however, it should only be allowed in designated bars with strict regulations on licensing. It should be a felony to smoke it or distribute it in public though.


Whomever can't admit that marijuana is a major depressant that kills millions of brain cells is either lying to their self or doesn't know the facts. I've smoked weed on & off for years & way more bad came out of it than good. The only thing good about it is that it "feels" good but the mental heath problems are damning. It's bad enough that kids smoke it bc the generations are becoming more watered down & charismatic in their thinking but they're too retarded to know how retarded they are. Sorry, but I value clear-thinking.