I got a speeding ticket last night, 98 in a 55?

god im getting so tired of this. all im doing is driving about 100 on the wide open road where there was nobody else last night, and the road was very well lit. everything was going perfectly fine until this stupid *** cop decides to leave his job of patrolling the highway just to pull me over. The cop told me that I was driving 98 mph in a 55 mph zone. So he wrote me a $976,120 ticket, arrested me and impounded my vehicle. While I was in the car, he measured my BAC and it was 0.2549, so he added $1,006,203 to the ticket. I had to pay a $983,024 bail just to get out of the jail, which is only for real criminals, but had to pay an additional $1,003,215 for trying to break out. And I finally got my bugatti veyron back today after paying a $987,277 impound charge. I also had to pay a $996,450 fine to the community for endangerment, and my insurance charged me an additional $999,967. Wow what a bad day I had. All I was doing was driving a tiny bit over the speed limit. But yet I had to spend the night in jail, pay all that, and now I have to go to freaken court. Help what should I do?


Take a bus



Well you got the old girl up another 13 MPH since last night huh?

I must admit, I like the additions you add every time you post this fantasy.

Ever think about a career in writing fiction books? I think with your imagination you could do very well at that.

I mean you get people to believe that this story is true, just think what you could get them to believe if you really tried

Oh and thanks for the 2 points (This makes almost 100 points you have provided me with since you started this 8 months ago and 26 names later)


What country are you in? Otherwise, I think your story is total BS!


Don't you have better things to do then post fake questions on Yahoo answers douchebag?


You should come up with a better troll. This one is only moderately amusing.

Also, work on your capitalization.


Cool story troll. You keep making up these near 1 million dollar (when few places ever charge more than 1 thousand for a fine) odd numbers as fines and impound charges. I don't see how you can possibly go that fast on highways in Alaska (as your pulse account indicates) this time of year anyway.


all you can do is bite the bullet pay the fines and go to court why pay anymore money for a lawyer there going to win anyways no matter how hard you fight it..Trust me i know i get so tired of paying the state of Florida. Just try and use speed control.