Why should people depend on the state to live?

Why should people depend on the state to live?


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The answer is because you let them. Socialism never worked because the more dependent you make your population, the less they can fend for themselves.

Safety nets sound kind, but they give a false sense of security that stops people from planing for their own future. Makes them weak and dependent. As a retirement plan social security must be slowly replaced and the responsibility handed back to the individual.

A great society has plenty of safety nets that are emergency focused, but give great incentive to get your life on track fast, plenty of food if you need it, cafeteria style, beds and shelter dorm style, health care for basic needs, clinic style. A hand up for all in need that is humane but not a comfortable permanent choice. This is affordable and sustainable, and is not addictive to the user.

Liberals say this is humiliating, I say it is a safety net, not a hammock.


The state depends on us.


because of people like you who only care for themselves


why don't you give em a job.


You don't want lazy people dying do you?


Why did we bail Wall St. out?

Why do we have to pay for a bogus war or two?


Why should wallstreet depend on the people to profit?


Colonization has brought welfare long time ago