Will Gadhafi die a martyr ?

Old Mum's Gadhafi said he will die a martyr rather than step down, any hope in that ?


hope so and Scott Walker also


He will die a martyr to his own cause!


Lets just hope he dies


he'll die a martyr in his own mind, but not in anyone else's.


Only the left here in this country will consider him a martyr


He is one ugly mo fo.

Im sure he will pack up the billions of


I think he will likely die if he does not flee Libya.

History determines who is a "martyr" and something tells me old Muammar will not make the grade.


He's a dangerous, nutty dirt-bag: Whatever happens to him is too good.

But honestly, I fear more what comes after this numb-nut.

Probably a fanatical Muslim lunatic styled after that Iranian nut-job. Raf-something-or-other.