I just got divorced and I have physical custody of my son but he is on my husbands DEERS. Does that mean they are going to take my BAH even though my son lives with me? One of my Sgts told me I will still get full BAH because i have physical custody but i wanted some more answers. Thanks a milli.


If you have physical custody your Sgt is correct you still keep BAH. My suggestion is that you are divorced put your son under your deers ASAP so than there is no issues. My other suggestion is that you talk to your finance NCO or finance section and ask them, they are the experts not the SGT. Finance is weird sometimes so have them show you the regulation on BAH and divorced custody.


Whoever has 51% or more custody gets the BAH


You should still get full BAH because even if he outranks you, enless you all file joint custody. Then you will probably see some money go away>


The custodial parent gets full BAH.


You will not lose BAH

Why would you trust the internet over a NCO you work with? It seems to me you are calling the NCO out or a liar.


whioever has the kid on their Page two is entitled to BAH w/dependents. does not matter where the kid resides.

you must keep the child on your page 2 if you wish to get BAH w/Dep and/or qualify for base housing.