Were the 4 murdered American boaters Berkeley Grads?

This might explain why they were sailing unarmed and unescorted, in a fancy US flagged yacht in water infested with Somali pirates and yet they somehow didn't expect to be attacked. I know Berkeley grads operate according to this alternate reality where the normal rules don't apply...

Even Mississippi state grads know not to feed the bears, not to go hiking in Iran, or boating in Somalia, and that Disneyworld is a much safer vacation spot than Iraq.


You're awesome! Make fun of 4 murdered Americans, real patriotic. Oh and they were sailing around the world spreading the word of Christ. Och! Double whammy!


No, they were christian nutcases

#2're basically blaming the victims. Yup. You're a conservative allright.


They were going around the world passing out Bibles. No doubt they believed God would protect them.


Not an appropriate question. No one is served by hateful dialogue.


No, I think they were bible thumbers, equally as ignorant as loony leftist goofballs who put themselves in hotspots like Iraq.


Actually since they were sailing around in their yacht giving away bibles I figured they were conservatives.Since most conservatives believe liberals are godless heathens!


According to people of your ilk, Berkeley Grads, or most people from the Bay Area are Godless heathens.

The murdered boaters were sailing around with a bunch of bibles.

So I guess the answer is no.

Failed question.