Please help, how many people are going to die?

Why are we going to die?


All of them. No one gets out of this life alive.

So now to the heart of the matter after 45 minutes. Yes economic collapse is coming. Faster than you realize. Those who fail to plan are zombies, the walking dead. They will eat the dead to stay alive. Look at the Middle East. Our oil supply. Farms need oil to run tractors. trucks and trains need oil to move the food from the farms to the cities.

My friend, life as you know it is over. Buy rice and beans, a firearm in 22lr caliber. boxes and boxes of ammunition. Be ready. It is coming. Cash money is worthless, gold is worthless only food and guns have a value.


The non-military forums all went that-a-way



As it was said, years ago, "Life is a bit*h, and then you die". You'll never get out of this life alive, so don't worry about it.


Every one dies , I believe the point of life for me is to experience things, so if I were you if you really wanted to kill people go to the

gun range and shoot a target , not a person. Even though I know that question isn't serious.