The Doctor or the Nurse?

In medicine, who do you feel is more caring? The doctor or the nurse?


The nurse. The doctor usually doesn't give a rat's hairy @$$ about anyone and is just waiting for his pay.

I worked residential with the developmentally disabled in this area. I have taken them to the doctor a number of times, and because they were "retarded" or non verbal, doctors treated them like a waste of space, didn't care about anything, and just write out a script and send us on our way. I had one man that ended up paralyzed for the rest of his life (the 4 months that he lived after wards) not able to feel below his waste. He one day could stand and walk - the next day he couldn't. We took him to the ER, and they took some blood and told us that he had still been weak from the flu that he had two weeks before (even though he had been "normal" since). The staff - after arguing with the doctor for twenty minutes that it wasn't it - took the man and went home. Then two days later, his doctors office called in a panic and wanted us to bring him back in and have a full physical done. Come to find out - had they done the x-ray they would have done if the man were normal and could talk - he had a tumor that was compressing his spinal cord, and because it had gone compressed for so long, it was permanent. And oh by the way - the tumor was from the bone cancer we didn't check for either. Suddenly, they were playing cover their butts and hoping that no one sued them for malpractice (if it had been my decision, they would have done just that). The family hadn't had the money to do so, so nothing came of it. If I had any legal right to do it for him, I would have.

That is one example. Another one?

A profoundly retarded woman was taken into the doctor for pain by me. After they did all the tests and stuff to appease me and keep me from screaming at them, the doctor stood there next to the woman's bed, me on the other side of it and her in the bed, and proceeded to tell me that the next time she were to get pneumonia or whatever that I "just let nature take its course" instead of taking her to seek medical attention. Basically, IN FRONT OF THE WOMAN, he told me to let her die. That instruction got notice, and I wrote a letter to the hospital board and let the State Medical Board know all about it. What he had done was illegal and unethical. I know that the man ended up "retiring" rather suddenly.

Yeah, that is the compassion of the doctors. The nurses? They have been nothing but pleasant to those that are brought in that are developmentally disabled. I have yet to have a nurse that wasn't. Doctors don't give a rats @$$; nurses do.


can' generalise. Ive met good and bad in both


lol I have bad experiences with both, but I know that they mean the best.




It depends on the person not the profession, I have been impressed with both and disappointed with both.


By definition the doctor is the healer, the nurse is the care giver.


The patient care person, The doctors and the nurses see so many patients they can not spend the proper amount of time with the patient. If you are in the hospital you will see a doctor once a day a nurse around one time a shift but the patient care persons , get to spend some time with you