What can I do about racist Neighbors harassing me?!?

So, i am caucasion and my neighbors are african american. They have been basically running away all of my friends yelling "crackers" and "stupid white bit**" THEN went so far as to try and swerve to hit my car while yelling out the window more curse words... I called the apartment complex, and they are "looking into it" I also called the police, but they sent out an african american officer and, go figure, he couldn't care less about the harrasment!


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You could always lure them into a trap with watermelon or fried chicken, then ship them somewhere else once they're secured in their crate. Ha, just kidding, not raciest just a joker. I would keep calling the police until they actually do something about the problem, It's unlikely that they would send over the same officers over and over. And I hate to say it but I would by a gun, if they're going to go as far as to try and hit you with their car then who knows what else they'll try and do. Or like the other answer you could just move away, but then they would win.


Buy swastika or slavic kolowrat arm band and shout SIEG HEIL!

S i e g h e i l


See about getting an Order of Protection from the police. And consider moving.


How young are they? Did all this just suddenly come out of the blue? How much are YOU giving back?

Whatever, no-one has to put up with harassment. Seek advise through something like a law centre. Good luck.


get a pit bull and buy a 9mm. short of that, keep complaining to the apt manager and the police.


I would keep calling the police and making complaints with your landlord.

I would also move asap. I'm really sorry you're going through this, how stupid.


Tell them you'll be chill with them, and they shouldn't have racist presumptions, but if they do have a problem with you, you can always beat their ***!


This is when you stand up for yourself my friend. Don't stoop to their level by cussing and using racial remarks. Next time they have something to say ask them seriously " Is there a problem? Did I do something to you?" Figure out why their treating you like that. The color of you skin will no keep them from being your friend trust me. Show them your not like all the racial white people out there.