Will illegal aliens who benefit from the dream act in Maryland only get instate tuition?

or will they also get citizenship and if the majority of the people vote yes will it pass and can the trolls who just want to express how much they hate immigrants through an answer please keep their answer to their-selves although most of you will ignore this and still give me a stupid answer


states can not give a person citizenship. that's a privilege given by the federal government only.

state dream acts are about solely tuition


No they won't. Dream act will not be passed.


Seeing as how Maryland can not guarantee them citizenship, I think they should only have to pay in state tuition.


It does not give citizenship so what people do not understand is that they will spend all that money on education and still not be able to get a job in there field and will end up flipping burgers.Seriously the only way to get true and honest citizenship and really live the American dream is to return to home country and come in the legal way.If you are not 18 and a half yet you can still return home and not have a illegal entry effect your probability for citizenship.


Okay, I am one who loves in-laws are legal immigrants from many years ago and became citizens the day that they were qualified. My wife was the first in her family born in the US...AFTER her parents became citizens because they did not believe in birthright citizenship.

Now, the NIGHTMARE ACT is an unconstitutional act that treats criminals better than US citizens. It should be opposed on every front. It is ironic that AZ wants to UPHOLD federal laws and Maryland wants to DEFY federal laws. Which does Comrade Obama sue? AZ!

But to answer your stupid question, it will NOT give them citizenship automatically, and if enough vote for it it WILL pass, but it WILL be overturned as being UNCONSTITUTIONAL.


-No, a state cannot grant citizenship. Illegal aliens are ineligible for this if they violated immigration law.

-If the majority of people vote that they want to rescind instate tuition for illegal aliens, illegal aliens won't get instate tuition. It is quite simple, isn't it. They should have the right to say what their tax dollars are getting spent on, and if they don't want it wasted on illegals I think our democracy affords them that right to choose.


"The fate of in-state tuition for illegal immigrants in Maryland appears to be headed to voters next year after a campaign to put the issue on the 2012 ballot amassed more than twice the required signatures in only two months.

The campaign has blocked the onset of Maryland's Dream Act—which was set to take effect July 1—pending verification of the signatures by the Maryland State Board of Elections."