My boyfriend's friend sent him drugs during BMT...?

My bf is currently 4 weeks into the Army BMT. He & his friend write letters because they pretty close BUT his idiotic friend got too high & slipped a bit of weed in the letter & sent it to him. He just told me what he had done & I am scared that my bf will get in trouble over his friend's stupidity. My bf has no interest in drugs any more & I would hate for him to get in trouble for this... do you guys think something bad will happen?


Army *BCT*

Your boyfriend will probably get in trouble. He needs to turn it in IMMEDIATELY. If possible you could call his command and warn them before the letter gets there.


Depends on what he does with it when he opens it.


he's gonna have a LOT of 'splainin to do Lucy. he will DEFINITELY Get into trouble. possibly enough to get him kicked out.


OK I am pretty sure that your BF wont get in trouble for this .. but I cant say what may happen to his friend.. weed is illegal.. but as long as your bf tests negative for drugs I think all will be fine for him I do think though that your boyfriend should ask his friend not to write him again until he finishes boot camp :)