So when Obama's Polit Bureau, CNN, aired it's special about "Guns To Mexico" where they claimed firearms were?

being sent from America...........

-Did they ever think that the American people would find out the truth about WHO was actually sending them thereby backfiring?…

the program where ATF agents recorded and tracked straw purchases of weapons and allowed the guns to "walk" across the U.S. border into Mexico in an effort to locate major weapons traffickers.


Most of the liberals will avoid this question, except for the hard-core kool-aid drinkers, who will try to explain it away!

0-bama thought that he was going to kill the second amendment with this program but then he got caught.


Are you suggesting had personal knowledge of that? I would find that hard to believe. The President isn't directly involved in most of the internal affairs of government agencies.


Right, the only guns that were ever sold to Mexicans illegally on the border were sold by government agents.


The trackable weapons sales are most certainly not the only American sold weapons in Mexico.

nor the first., my own state has many unlicensed shell gun sellers who sign false gun sales documents so that they can be sold out of state, or out of the nation.


The Obama executive branch of the government is even more incompetent than the Bush years, and I thought that would never be possible. Having dealt with USCIS wife my wife from Philippines, I would challenge any citizen to have to deal with this process AND NOT BE IN FAVOR OF SHUTTING DOWN MOST OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. ATF would be one of the first to go!