Is joining the idf a good idea? (i will give 10 points for best answer)?

im jewish and plan on going infantry in the israeli defense force(idf), is this a good idea? Are they a tough outfit?


Yes, they are one of the most effective military in the entire world. Although they don't have the numbers as the big countries such as US or China, the IDF trains hard and logically, they are surrounded by enemy countries. The Turkish Army is such of a kind. So, i would say i will take a lot of committment and wits to join it.

Good Luck


Helping out your country in any way is a good idea. Just considering it shows that you love your fellow man and want to protect your way of life. There are serious threats out there, especially against Israel. While I heard IDF training is hell, I expect that it's worth it. If you truly want to, go for it.If you decide that it's not what you want to do, or that you can't handle it, no one will think any worse of you.