I spent $50 burning "loose change 9/11" DVDs and handed them to U.S. Marines and they put them in the toliet?

I handed out 300 Loose Change DVDs to the u.s. military and 275 ended up in the toilets, the trash, and some of them jumped on them breaking the DVDs.

I told a few that 911 was done by the military and bush and you guys were risking your life for a government that did 9.11 and they cusses me.

What did they do this? What should I do? Should i continue spreading truth


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There was molten steel at all 3 world trade centers on 9/11

Interesting enough Jet fuel burns between 500-1800 degrees Fahrenheit but did you know iron steel (WTC was made from Iron Steel) doesn't melt until an amazing 2750 degrees Fahrenheit!

What was so hot that caused steel to melt?

Professor Steven Jones an American physicist took dust samples from all three sites.

What did he find? He found Nano-Thermite, which is a military grade explosive that would cut right through steel. What was Nano-Thermite doing at office buildings?

This is for those who say there was no molten steel-----…

That rusty guys such a F@gg0T


You should stop trolling


We all need people to laugh at, keep up the good work.


more importantly, who has the technology that turned the twin towers to dust


Marines don't wear tin foil hats !


$50 in the toilet is still $50 added to the GDP.


It sounds to me like you are fishing for angry comments. Boring.


Wrong audience for that movie.