What do you think of Orrin Hatch's comments?…




Stupid people say stupid things.


Don't count your orrins before they hatch.


I think his comments were plucked out of context to engage you in class hatred and class warfare.


His comments are full of incorrect statements. The comments attacked the poor, but you know the middle class are in his scope.

This is pure Republicanism.


Someone needs to dig deep in his chest and see if they can find a heart.

The GOP seems to be so confident that their stupid teabag army will support them no matter what, that they have dropped all pretense of being shills for the wealthy and corporate America.

VERY dangerous move when you look at the numbers.

Oh that's right... Math is a science.

What was I thinking?


Hatch is out of touch.

I live in Utah, so he's represented me for decades and he has no idea what goes on in this state.

I think it's ironic for anyone in Washington with a cushy job to tell someone who is poor to dig deeper.

Easy for him to say.. walk a mile in someone who is poor's shoes Mr. Hatch. I dare you.


He misspoke.

The government does need to close tax loop-holes (for individuals and corporations) and it needs to reduce, or stop all tax subsidies (individual and corporation). The poor -- they need to stop depending on the government to do for them what a lot of them are not willing to do for themselves.