Do gays worship Satan?

My mom is a lesbian and when I was a child she worked at a gay bar, and they were playing this rap song called "Oochie Wally" in the club and I saw a bunch of gay men dancing like women with each other to it and it scared my soul.

Here is the song

It was in 2001 I guess I was 13


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Oochi Wally.... LMAO. Haven't heard that in a while.

In response to your first question, no.


I'm pretty sure your mother isn't a lesbian because I'm sure she wouldn't have raised such an ignorant child. We don' worship Satan. I don't worship anyone at all because I don't believe in the bible of God or Satan. And I've never heard of that song before. Those few gay people do not represent the majority of us.


many do because they are mad that the three abrahamic religions told them they are wrong....


Your reaction to people dancing with one another as worshiping satan because they were gay makes no sense. If anything YOUR reaction to people dancing and having a good time and hurting no one is closer to being Satanic.

But with a name like CrackmanX I can guess what you are on and why you would come up with such a messed up question.


Ok specifically devil worship is a false wording. Christianity would look at me as a devil worshiper due to the fact that I am Hellenic Polytheistic or worship the ancient Greek gods, Zeus, Hera, etc, etc.


Nah, gays just worship themselves ;)




I'm sure you'll find satan worshippers in all corners of society and all minorities. However, no. Not all gays worship satan, in fact I've never met any satan worshippers who were straight or gay.